About Us

About Us

Who are The MadTadders & Where Da Heck Did They Come From?!

The MadTadders have been tickling the ears of Southern Wisconsin since they were old enough to tickle! Started back in the day with two cousins (Eric & Luke Tadder) The MadTadders have grown over the years to a full on raging musical quartet. What started off as an acoustic project with Eric & Luke has morphed into a full band with the help of Kyle Furseth on lead git-string and Ross Harried slapping the skins somewhere in the back of the stage. Eric & Luke provide a majority harmonic vocals with some help from Kyle. Luke has traded in his acoustic guitar and saddled up the bass in recent years to give The Tadders a complete and rich sound. Eric has traded his acoustic in for an electric guitar but has been known to bust out the acoustic from time to time "when the mood strikes."

The MadTadders provide a mix of music ranging from classic rock hits, 90's jams and a handful of original tunes that is sure to get everyone a toe-tappin.' Whether you're looking to kick back and relax or party it up, the MadTadders are sure to make their gigs fun and full of great sounds.

Check out the MadTadders playing at venues in the Edgerton area including Milton, Janesville and all around Lake Koshkonong.

Looking for some easy-listening tunes at your next party? The MadTadders can be booked for private shows too! Contact us via the contact form or reach out via our Facebook Page.